This event explores a wide range of artistic radio production, and mines the riches of duration as a creative process in sound art. Presentation #85 is part of a lecture series of the VAMH.

Video recording:

Edited by Sarah Washington, Radio Art Zone is a landmark book on radio art just published by Hatje Cantz. Arising out of the 100-day transmission project of the same name which ran during the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, the book attempts to perform an exquisite transformation from airwaves to paper by providing a treasury of ideas and reflections about radio as art. As a first special event to show the book before its main launch in London, the editor and four contributing artists will share radiophonic experiences and delve into the process of creating 22-hour-long radio shows.

One hundred artists and groups were commissioned to each produce a 22-hour-long piece of radio for Radio Art Zone by the artist duo Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann). In partnership with Luxembourg community station Radio ARA, these works were broadcast internationally to over 300,000 listeners across 16 radio stations as part of the European Capital of Culture Esch2022. The accompanying Radio Art Zone book contains entries in the form of texts, poems, drawings, photographs, radio plays and graphic scores from 95 artists. Rather than cataloging the radio works, which can be found in an ongoing online exhibition at the artists were asked to submit materials which reflect their relationship to and ideas about radio as an inspiration and material for art.

When the words run out of steam, focus will switch to the decks where DJs Kubin and Reznicek will diffuse any lingering questions about the nature or radio, life, or art.

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